Established in 2001, AutoMatrix offers various specialist services to the auto body repair industry in South Africa. The company's main focus is on vehicle manufacturer approval programmes, having developed approved auto body repairer programmes for a number of leading manufacturers. Audits are conducted nationally and in certain neighbouring states, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. 

AutoMatrix is actively involved in the development, management and administration of vehicle manufacturer approval programmes. This includes:

  • the development of approval programme criteria specific to each manufacturer’s requirements
  • regular auditing of approved repairers to ensure the maintenance of manufacturer standards and processes
  • All-inclusive administrative services, including scheduling, invoicing, digital reporting, SLAs, help-desks etc.
  • assistance with training, technology, and legislation
  • data reporting and business analytics
  • web-based support including approval-specific websites, repairer listings, and Save-A-Car portals
  • industry roadshows and conferences


AutoMatrix has also recently launched the Masibambane Project aimed at facilitating the upliftment of previously disadvantaged auto body repairers. The Masibambane Project is a new initiative launched by AutoMatrix during 2018. In terms of this initiative, any body shop that applies for manufacturer approval and is unsuccessful, is offered assistance, free of charge, by Masibambane in order to meet the required standards. The project is aimed primarily at previously disadvantaged body repairers. Masibambane has entered into agreements with various paint companies, equipment suppliers and service providers to offer assistance via the project. This includes free training, preferential payment terms, on-premises support etc. 

The AutoMatrix website contains both public and private, OEM-specific content. Public content includes:

  • Careline-Direct service that facilitates the resolution of industry-related queries
  • Bodyshop Quickfind service that enables users to quickly locate the closest approved repairer.
  • complete approved repairer listings
  • applications for relevant manufacturer approvals
  • a Save-A-Car portal that offers a standardised process for submission of Save-A-Car requests to participating OEMs

At present AutoMatrix administers approval programmes for the following manufacturers;

BMW South Africa
Ford Motor Company Southern Africa
Great Wall Motors South Africa
Haval Motors South Africa
Honda Motor Southern Africa
Isuzu Motors South Africa (Including Light Commercial Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Body Builders)
Mitsubishi Motors South Africa
Renault South Africa
Subaru Southern Africa
Suzuki Auto South Africa
TATA South Africa