Established in 2001, AutoMatrix offers various specialist services to the auto body repair industry in South Africa. 

The company's main focus is on vehicle manufacturer approval programmes, having developed approved auto body repairer programmes for a number of leading manufacturers.

AutoMatrix is actively involved in the development, management and administration of these programmes. This includes:

  • the development of approval programme criteria specific to each manufacturer’s requirements
  • regular auditing of approved repairers to ensure the maintenance of manufacturer standards and processes
  • assistance with training, technology, and legislation
  • web-based support including approval-specific websites, and repairer listings
  • annual industry roadshows and conferences.


Through the various manufacturer approval programmes, AutoMatrix has played a leading role in setting new quality and service standards for the body repair industry in South Africa. It has also been instrumental in extending approved repairer networks into neighbouring states including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique.

The AutoMatrix website offers an easy-to-use Bodyshop Quickfind function that enables insurance companies, industry suppliers, and the consumer to locate the closest approved repairer to them. It also offers the Careline Direct Service allowing users to direct any industry-related query to AutoMatrix, and have a qualified representative resolve the query in the quickest time possible.

At present, AutoMatrix administer approval programmes for the following vehicle manufacturers :

-Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa                                     - Renault South Africa

-Mitsubishi Southern Africa                                                           - TATA Motors South Africa

-General Motors South Africa                                                        - Subaru Southern Africa

-BMW South Africa                                                                        - Great Wall Motors South Africa

-Honda South Africa                                                                      - Isuzu Trucks South Africa